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Multi-Point is one of a handful of Service Providers that holds a Corporate Permit Certification in it’s name issued by the Department of Home Affairs and the Department of Labour to provide the Skills that we lack in South Africa. Multi-Point sources Scarce Skilled Artisans from around the world to assist Local Engineering Companies to fulfil Projects for Eskom and many other Government Aided Contracts. Multi-Point’s expertise lies in Providing a Service to the Mechanical Engineering Field in the supply of Welding & Fabrication Specialists. Multi-Point works side by side with Engineering Companies in fulfilling contracts / completing projects by providing the Skills required.   Multi-Point is striving to uplift, train and fill the gap of our Lack of Skilled Local Professional Artisans in South Africa. Multi-Point is working towards training and affording our Local Artisans the chance to work with and gain experience from Artisans holding a minimum of 10 years practical experience in Welding and Fabrication field. Our Value ~ To support SA growth researching for high quality skilled Artisans. ~ To be responsible and reliable to Clients and Employees needs. ~ To meet all  the necessary regulatory requirements in the Service Provided.
Powering your Project with the Rental of Welding  and Construction Equipment.
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